Tomas Zejda

Tomas Zejda

Hometown// Pilsen, czech republic 

Age// 33

Years Riding// 20

Favourite Trick// Tailwhip combination 

Instagram// tomaszejda


300events, 46 countries, husband, 2kids and 1 dog. Busy to chasing a dream.

- Tomas Zejda



I have been friends with Tomas for a very long time, but only 2 times have we met together ah, such a big world? He is always on bikes or just traveling somewhere in the world. The first time I saw him was in Chengdu City China, he had just finished his study and had more time for contests all over the world, and now he's a father of 2 kids, you take care of your family, we take care of your parts, my man!

-Big stone , CEO of DPSbikes


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