DPS:DIRT,PARK ,STREET. And now, it means more!

Starting as a small agency representing bike brands, DPS was born from Owner & Founder Tang's deep love for dirt jump biking. It was a journey he began with unwavering dedication.

Between 2009 and 2013, we lived through the golden era of dirt jump biking. Brands unveiled a multitude of frames and accessories, each unique, catering to diverse riding styles. But then, the landscape changed. Steel frames became scarce, 24-inch parts hard to find, and street riders seemed to vanish. We found ourselves limited to using the oversized and low-slung frames and components from well-known big brands which didn't meet our specific needs. That's when the idea struck – why not go to Taiwan and work with top factories to create our own unique products?

In 2014, the first DPSBIKES VICI prototype frame was born. From its initial design, through rigorous testing by factories and riders, to its final production, we've been constantly learning, evolving, and innovating, driven by our commitment to the saying – BY RIDERS FOR RIDERS.

While DPSbikes may not yet be a world-leading brands, our products undoubtedly epitomize excellence.